wolfpupy   wolfpupy jul 28, 2023
  not a fan of this whole "keeping the
  wolf from the door" thing, how else
  am i going to get in. oh wait i just
  remembered the windows and chimney.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 30, 2023
  gemstone polishing is not a crime.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy aug 3, 2019
  caving and spelunking are for
  people who are too lazy to dig
  their own caves.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy aug 2, 2019
  none of you understand, i'm not
  stuck up here in this tree, this tree
  is stuck up here with me.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 19, 2019
  burying my treasures may have
  started off as an attempt to grow
  more treasures but now i just like
  having my stuff under ground.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 18, 2019
  the best part of going on a quest has
  got to be receiving Item in exchange
  for completing the quest. if i receive
  just one Item then it was all worth it.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 16, 2019
  look if i see a gemstone i am going to
  collect it, it's called being on a quest.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 11, 2019
  if anyone tries to stop me from going
  to the moon all i have to do is go up.
  i will just keep going all the way up and
  it is useless for anyone to do anything
  about it.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 4, 2019
  i am not going to claim to have all
  the answers, in fact i promise you that
  i will never have any answers.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 3, 2019
  all cookies will tell you your fortune
  if you just learn to listen.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy may 6, 2019
  the ancient myths tell us of something,
  who knows what or why, i can't imagine
  it's worth looking into.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy apr 26, 2019
  nobody ever learned anything from
  learning anything.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy apr 17, 2019
  stomping was a lot more popular in the
  dinosaur times, today it causes to much
  trouble and drama.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy oct 19, 2018
  i think i speak for all of us, just in general.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 10, 2018
  if you increase the number of candles you
  have you will increase the powerfulness of
  your magic, same goes for accidental fires.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 9, 2018
  don't know why candy always has to be in
  a shape of a bear or a bean or a race car
  or whatever. have some confidence candy,
  we love you for what you are, candy.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy may 17, 2018
  when i look back on my life i wish i spent
  more time being given large quantities
  of money by people.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy may 8, 2018
  all that glitter is gold? tell it to the Cash
  For Gold guy who got angry at me for
  dumping a big jar of glitter on the counter.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy may 7, 2018
  one day i will get my revenge, or i won't,
  you never know with that sort of thing.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jan 14, 2018
  the last thing i expected after doing
  something dumb for no reason was for
  people to get mad at me.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jan 11, 2018
  wolves don't whistle, if we did it would
  sound beautiful not like some jackass with
  his hands in his mouth.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jan 8, 2018
  if i've learned anything from this it was
  only by mistake.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy oct 13, 2017
  thinking about a bug's life, no not the
  movie i'm thinking about what life is like
  for a bug.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 29, 2017
  i may not know much of anything but if
  there's one thing i don't know it's everything.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jul 27, 2017
  some questions have no answers, or i just
  don't know the answers, at the end of the
  day it doesn't matter.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 30, 2017
  surprisingly, people seem to never announce
  "this is highway robbery!" during an actual
  highway robbery, i guess they are too busy
  handing me their valuables and being shot at.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 18, 2017
  life is full of mysteries, especially if
  you try not to learn anything.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 17, 2017
  "any thoughts?" not that i'm aware of.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 3, 2017
  windmills are one of our greatest allies
  against golden eagles, evil birds that prey
  on innocent baby wolfs.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jun 2, 2017
  why is it that every time i see an article about
  a lone wolf it turns out to be about some
  stupid guy with a gun instead? all i want
  is to read a story about one wolf, instead
  i get this crap no one would ever care about.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy may 28, 2017
  in my defence at least 90% of the things
  i do are done on accident.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy apr 22, 2017
  maybe if you had spent less time lifting
  weights and more time lifting curses you
  would have a failing curse and hex removal
  business like me.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy apr 16, 2017
  "we both know.." don't act like you know
  what i know, only i know what i know and it's
  far less than i let on.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy apr 10, 2017
  i will convert your leaf blower into a
  leaf leaver aloner with a few simple
  sledgehammer whacks.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy apr 9, 2017
  "you don't have to be a part of my coven to
  be a witch, but it helps!" - bumper sticker
  i will be getting made once my coven
  finally gets off the ground.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy apr 1, 2017
  lately i've been thinking more and more
  and that needs to stop.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 29, 2017
  the sun will come out tomorrow, so yeah
  the futures not looking great.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 23, 2017
  some things have to be seen to be believed,
  the good news? you can just not look at them.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 21, 2017
  "what do you want a medal?" yes that would
  be great, i'd like a gold one with an expensive
  jewel in the middle.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 20, 2017
  well that's my opinion on it, i will be
  not interested to hear what others think.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 4, 2017
  did i even listen to a word you said? well
  it's certainly too late for me to hear it now
  and frankly it doesn't matter, everything's
  been said before.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy oct 14, 2016
  i have seen little to no evidence that proves my
  constant bumbling around is the cause of all
  the damage, i attribute this to my keen sense
  to close my eyes and not look at anything i
  don't want to see.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy oct 13, 2016
  thought i could increase productivity by sitting
  in one place and using dual sticky hand toys to
  reach and move around objects in the room but
  i just broke a lot of things.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy oct 12, 2016
  thinking of all the friends i could have made if
  a furby building class existed, instead the one
  i constructed out of metal and hair becomes
  more of an enemy every day.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy oct 9, 2016
  horse can lead themself to water, i don't have
  to do it, i don't have to do anything. not my
  business. do i look like a horse water salesman
  to you? well shut up.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 24, 2016
  from what i understand, and i make sure to
  only understand the bare minimum amount,
  the problems i have caused are viewed to be
  my responsibility by others. this directly conflicts
  with my own beliefs.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 21, 2016
  the michael jordan's of the world would use their
  basketball skills to defeat aliens in a space jam
  situation, i on the other hand would simply shoot
  the aliens in the brain with a high powered rifle.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 14, 2016
  back in the jesus time when dinosaurs roamed
  the earth people had a little thing called respect,
  now days you try to drive your car on the wrong
  side of the street everyone honks at you.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 10, 2016
  i dont have to care about anything, not even
  problems or mistakes. and if you dont like it
  guess what? i dont have to care about that either

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 5, 2016
  a skull found is a skull earned.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 3, 2016
  i like to think of myself. not think of myself 'as'
  something just think of myself in general.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 2, 2016
  the optimism of being bitten by 100 snakes:
  maybe one of them will have anti-venom in it.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy sept 1, 2016
  before making a decision the first question you
  should ask yourself is why am i asking myself
  questions when the answers are already
  in my head, i learn nothing from this.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy aug 23, 2016
  there was a time in video games when apes
  constantly escaped, now they keep the apes
  under lock and key

wolfpupy   wolfpupy aug 19, 2016
  thinking about learning an ancient secret

wolfpupy   wolfpupy jul 27, 2016

wolfpupy   wolfpupy may 24, 2016
  if being both an intelligence genius and an
  incredibly dumb idiot doesn't make me 'complex'
  well then honestly i dont care

wolfpupy   wolfpupy may 4, 2016
  thinking about a powerful magic gemstone

wolfpupy   wolfpupy apr 30, 2016
  to my enemies, sorry i can't hear your written
  words over the sound of me not reading them.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 21, 2016

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 18, 2016
  i dont want to throw anyone under the bus but
  when push comes to shove maybe i am really good
  at throwing people under buses. who knows whats
  underneath buses anyway, maybe treasure.

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 15, 2016
  im 5 weeks old and i dont have to care about

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 12, 2016
  wolves have an acute sense which means we can
  sense when an outfit is cute

wolfpupy   wolfpupy mar 2, 2016
  the more candles you have the more spiritual you
  are as a person

wolfpupy   wolfpupy feb 19, 2016
  in an emergency survival situation it's important to
  have at least one fully energy charged gemstone

wolfpupy   wolfpupy feb 10, 2016
  daylight savings is dumb as hell, who looks directly
  at the sun and says i want more of this for later,
  nobody does it

wolfpupy   wolfpupy feb 8, 2016
  its times like these that are these times going on now

wolfpupy   wolfpupy feb 7, 2016
  fans of the moon should check out the night sky

wolfpupy   wolfpupy feb 6, 2016

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